It is such a pleasure to share my experiences with Pamela Chamberlynn, professionally and personally. Pamela is the consummate professional; highly competent, organized, compassionate, and a woman who has high standards for herself and her clients, Pamela is a woman of faith and  integrity. These are but a few of her assets.
Just recently I invited Ms. Chamberlynn to speak to a class that I teach at Thomas University; the class was Psychosocial Aspects of Disability and her presentation was on Integrative Healthcare. I knew that Pamela was a dynamic speaker, but this was the first time I saw her presenting to a group of students. The student population are Master/Graduate level, non-traditional students (over the age of 35), and their expectations are high. Pamela came in and with a gentle voice she began to share her philosophy regarding Integrative Healthcare Services. Because her services are person-centered, she goes to the root of the person's system - she inquires about things that are critical for healthy living - these include concepts of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a person's health and belief system. This holistic approach is considered "best practices" in the human service fields (i.e. social work, counseling, case management). Pamela's gentle approach with the students and her presentation was felt immediately; the students were engaged and the talk soon turned into a seminar setting where everyone was sharing their experiences. This beautiful bond soon happened with all of the people in the room; it was evident based on the degree of disclosure that the students shared. She challenged the students to think outside the box. Her talk was over too soon! We could have continued for at least another hour without giving it a second thought! Her impact on the students was significant. The week after Pamela gave her presentation the students came into class and wanted to continue talking about issues they found challenging! I've had many guest speakers over my years of teaching - but this was the first time that a speaker, specifically Pamela, made such an impact that my students thought about it for a week and wanted to explore the topics in more depth. I was so excited to watch this happen... and to observe the passion that she inspired! What a blessing.
Pamela has an extensive work history in the healthcare field and she really knows the ropes. As a person living with significant disabilities, I know the amount of work that goes into managing all the aspects of your healthcare when you are sick or injured or even as a caregiver. I have become my own best expert regarding my own case management, but I must say - it took years before I had a good grasp on the healthcare system. I wish I had Ms. Chamberlynn around when I was diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses over the years: Crohn's Disease, Lupus, and Thyroid Cancer. The level of exhaustion was significant and sometimes I could only take care of my basic daily living activities (taking a shower, eating breakfast, etc.). When people with disabilities arrive at this point of severe fatigue, they tend to accept whatever help they can get without asking questions or without recommendations from a trusted source. I know the approach Pamela is taking for the Integrative Healthcare Services; she can pull the loose strings together, make sound recommendations based on years of experience, and on a more personal level, Pamela can simply be there for you.
I highly recommend her services without reservation. Before long I hope to be reading your testament!  
Warmest Regards,
Theresa (Terri) C. Reese, PhD, CRC
Certified Rehabilitation Counselor
Division of Counseling, Asst. Professor
Thomas University
Thomasville, GA
* * * * *
To whom it may concern:
I have known Ms. Chamberlynn for about four years both professionally and personally. I have had the opportunity to work with her in a corporate setting as well as in her private practice. Ms. Chamberlynn brings to the people she serves a wide variety of skill sets and many inherent abilities and talents.
People Skills
Ms. Chamberlynn is warm and compassionate and has strong communications skills.  She is able to listen with genuine care and positive regard and has the ability to communicate her thoughts to others in caring positive terms.  Ms. Chamberlynn is gifted in her ability to address client needs and works for a strength-based positive psychology model.  She is politically correct and assertive when needed in advocating for her clients.  Ms. Chamberlynn is also a gifted presenter, comfortable and dynamic when conducting training or professional presentations. Ms. Chamberlynn is also a gifted Coordinator/Facilitator, she presents with a warm professional demeanor and is both strong and non threatening, thus she is able to lead while attending to the needs of her client and the needs of those serving her clients.  Ms. Chamberlynn is able to work as team member by addressing the needs of all involved.
Ms. Chamberlynn is detail oriented, possess excellent organizational skills. I had the opportunity to work with Ms. Chamberlynn in a corporate setting and to see the many of her skills. She is able to take a vast amount of information and compile it into simple understandable terms in language that anyone could understand. She is able to notice details that others might miss.
Ms. Chamberlynn commitment to excellence is a way of life, she functions with a high degree of integrity and bases her services and recommendations on evidenced based, best practice principles. 
Above and beyond
In addition to her strong professional skills Ms. Chamberlynn brings an added dimension to the body, mind and spirit of integrative health care.  Where many clinicians and case managers stop with body and mind, Ms. Chamberlynn strongly works with spirit and spiritually.  While honoring the beliefs of all her clients and not pushing any religious beliefs on them, Ms. Chamberlynn recognizes what a source of strength the connection to spiritually can be for others and does not hesitate to incorporate this to help her clients. 
I fully and without reservations recommend Ms. Chamberlynn in the capacity of social worker, case manager, facilitator, and spiritual teacher.
Alicia Maki, PhD
Florida Licensed Psychologist
* * * * *
Pamela Chamberlynn, MSW, has been a invaluable resource to myself and my family after mother was diagnosed with dementia (probably Alzheimer's). This is our story:
My mother had surgery in June, 2009 and all went downhill afterwards. After staying with other family members my mother came to live with me for over 3 months. Unfortunately I was unable to continue care in my home and I moved my mother to an assisted living facility. At this point I hired Ms Chamberlynn as my mother's social worker. This is the best decision I made for my mother, myself and my family as Ms. Chamberlynn takes the burden of care and reduces it to a manageable level. Her understanding and sensitivity to the family grieving process, burden of caring for an elder with dementia, my mother's disease process and other issues makes her very suited to really helping our family survive this traumatic event and find peace and beauty in the process. Ms Chamberlynn puts her client, my mother, first and looks out for her comfort, and medical and social needs. I highly recommend Ms Chamberlynn to any family struggling to survive a devastating illness of an elder or disabled family member.
Jean Crozier
Outreach Coordinator and Member Services
New Leaf Market
1235 Apalachee Parkway
Tallahassee, FL  32301