Permanently transform your weight and your health 
using your
Body ~ Mind ~ Heart ~ Spirit
Healthy Weight for Life Workshops and Weekly classes contain a comprehensive program of evidence-based information and experiential practices on successfully accomplishing your healthy weight goals
and gently and healthfully
I encourage you to compare this comprehensive health program and training
to any other weight program you have tried
or see being currently advertised. 
Dieting does not and never will work for healthy weight loss.
To see what is really involved in solving this problem is to realize that you have never failed
"Awareness of the moment is
when change can occur."
In the Healthy Weight for Life Workshops and Weekly Classes:
  • The Behavior Change piece:                                                                                                    Integrative Health Coaching uses the best and most effective models of positive and effective behavior change.  A person's behavior change is motivated primarily by a desire that is personal to her or him.  A "desire" is defined as a feeling of aspiration for a new, positive possibility.  The Integrative Health Coach Professional forms a positive partnership with you to help you achieve your permanent healthy weight.  In weekly classes you will receive group Integrative Health Coaching to work on your personal weight goals. 
  • The Organizational piece:                                                                                                                    In weekly classes you will create your own personalized and Individualized Healthy Weight for Life Plan based on your personal vision and values for your own life.  The Personal Health Plan created by the professional staff at Duke University Integrative Medicine Center helps you organize and act on fulfilling your very personal vision and values for your life 
  • The Stress Management piece - Mindfulness:                                                                                                        Stress is one of the main factors influencing our weight.  Research shows that weight is the symptom and stress is the real problem for most people with weight issues.  Mindfulness is strongly evidence-based for stress management and improved health outcomes, including weight issues.  You will learn how to use Mindfulness to both recognize and cope with stress positively without turning to food and eating for stress management
  • Mindful Eating:                                                                                                                     Food and eating is meant to be a joyful, positive part of our lives.  Most of us associate weight loss with sacrifice and limitation of enjoyment of food and eating.  This does not have to be your experience of working toward and maintaining your healthy weight!  You can move toward your ideal weight while you actually increase your enjoyment of food and eating through the use of mindful eating.  See the Mindful Eating page under the Healthy Weight for Life section of this web site 
  • The Leading Edge Science piece:                                                                                                                You will have access to the latest scientific Information and recommendations on healthy and permanent weight loss from the Duke University Integrative Medicine Center and other leading edge medical resources
  • The Emotional and Spiritual pieces:                                                                                                                     The weekly classes in Healthy Weight will use Geneen Roth’s premier work on successful weight loss from her books Women, Food and God and When Food is Food and Love is Love and Marianne Williamson’s latest book A Course in Weight Loss
  • Hypnosis is another evidence-based tool for healthy weight success and maintenance.  It is an excellent practice for relaxation and healing.  It can also be used to help you bring positive and healthful ideas and understandings about food and eating into your mind.  Pamela does not provide hypnotherapy services but can refer you to a qualified professional in your community  
"You will stop turning to food when you start understanding in your body, not just in your mind, that there is something better than turning to food.  And this time, when you lose weight, you will keep it off.  Truth, not force, does the work of ending compulsive eating."
~ Geneen Roth, Women, Food and God
Healthy Weight for Life Workshops are custom designed for each group they are delivered to.  Workshops are educational and experiential and include Integrative Health Coaching, Mindfulness Training for stress management, Mindful Eating, leading edge science for healthy living, the emotional healing and spiritual aspects of weight issues, and creation of a Mini-Action Plan for Healthy Weight for Life.  Each person will go home from the workshop with a full grasp of what it takes and how they can finally achieve their healthy weight for life and the inspiration to know it can be done.
Workshops are individually priced based on the time involved
Classes are for twelve weeks and are limited to eight people per class so that each person receives Integrative Health Coaching on their Healthy Weight goal(s) each week.  There is a great deal of new material to cover and progress to be made through the group Integrative Health Coaching.  The Healthy Weight classes can be used for women and men with any kind of weight or eating issues - over or under weight.
Healthy Weight for Life classes can be in person
or conducted by teleconference
Classes are $20.00 per class per person
and are paid for in advance ($240.00)
We're talking about REAL health and
REAL weight solutions
Body ~ Mind ~ Heart ~ Spirit
Highly individualized and personalized for YOU
Based on leading edge positive living skills for
Body - mind - heart - and spirit!
"If your 'weighty thinking' does not change, then even if you lose weight, you'll retain an overwhelming subconscious urge to gain it back.  It's less important how quickly you lose weight, and more important how holistically you lose weight; you want your mind, your emotions, and your body to all 'lose weight.'  It's self-defeating, therefore, to struggle to drop excess weight unless you are also willing to drop the thought-forms that initially produced it and now hold it in place."
~ Marianne Williamson, A Course in Weight Loss
Pamela Chamberlynn, M.S.W., owner of Integrative Health Coach Professional Services & Consulting, LLC, a Certified Integrative Health Coach and medical social worker, is a graduate of Duke University Integrative Medicine Center as an Integrative Health Coach Professional and as a Mindfulness Professional.  Pamela is a member of the National Society of Health Coaches and The Center for Mindful Eating. 
Excess weight and its consequences has been a personal issue for Pamela since she went into peri-menopause in her late forties.  She successfully lost weight several times dieting, like many of us with weight issues did.  And she then experienced the yo-yo effect of rebound weight gain that health care providers now know is a common end result of dieting.  Pamela is now gently, lovingly, respectfully rebuilding her body to a higher level of permanent health and vitality than she has ever had, even in her twenties.